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All transcripts and exhibits protected by 256-bit AES encryption from the moment of takedown through delivery—and throughout archiving.

Transcript Formats

Get your transcripts more quickly and in a more useful format.

I use Adobe® Acrobat to create PDFs of transcripts. You get the transcript in three formats: standard, compressed (four pages to a sheet), and NoteScript (two pages to a sheet, with notes lines on the right). You also get a PDF of the word index. The standard transcript includes PDF bookmarks, letting you easily jump to important sections of the document.

If the witness is reading and signing the transcript, the signature page is included as a separate PDF file, and the witness may print it out or fill it out on the computer and then print before signing. If there are exhibits, they are scanned, OCR'd, and put in another PDF file.

An ASCII text file is always included, of couse.

Copies of the transcript are also included as native Microsoft® Word and Corel® WordPerfect® documents. You can search for a phrase, and the phrase will be found even if some of the text wraps to a new line. You can triple-click to select a whole sentence or quadruple-click to select a paragraph. Line and page numbers appear on your screen, but they are not incorporated into the text; when you copy it into another document, you get just the text you want, and the words wrap normally instead of inconveniently starting new lines. You can use the ASCII file whenever preserving line numbers is important.

No need to pick and choose: All document formats are wrapped up in a single PDF portfolio. Download the single PDF file, and all the files are inside; open the files you want from there.

If you find you're satisfied with the copy in the PDF, you can save 50 cents per page by informing me that you don't want me to print your copy. I'll then print and mail the original transcript and let you print – or go green – yourself.

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